Best Urethane Bowling Ball

Best Urethane bowling ball are one of the most recommended when it comes to bowling. They react well to the playing lanes, and you can enjoy excellent shots. Every ball has a perfect weight and has ideal weight distribution so that it doesn’t change direction when thrown on one side.

Besides the precision, it is also easy and perfect to clean so you can easily maintain your bowling ball. Very hard to break and doesn’t get any coatings making it precise. There is a weight distribution for every type of ball, for beginners, pros and trainees.

Depending on the level of expertise you are in, you can choose what makes you feel the best. Such balls stay in good form for long, they never get scratches, and they are always excellent when cleaned.

Even on sticky substances, you will still get clear, precise shots.

What Is Best Urethane Bowling Ball?

Urethane is the structural material used in creating Reactive Resin shells for bowling balls. The Urethane is typically mixed with additives to make it more durable and a lot predictable. Urethane is hard and does not stick to surfaces and oil places or surfaces. The bowling ball generates a lot of friction in the lanes. They generally like, because of the extreme hook and strike capabilities.

Difference between Urethane and Reactive Resin Bowling Balls

There is no much difference between reactive resin and Urethane balls. The reactive resin balls regularly go a little further down the lane compared to the urethane balls. Urethane balls are consistent and easy to control, making them be predictable and enable the player to hit the target as required. Resin is a urethane additive, and it’s not a pure coating like many have imagined. Sometimes the reactive resin may feel to hook depending on the condition of the lanes.

How to Choose the Best Urethane Bowling Ball? (Buying Guide)

There are a lot of Urethane balls you can choose out there and make sure you play conveniently; you need a perfect bowl ball. Multiple factors can determine the kind of bowl ball you will want. Moreover, this guide creates to enable you to narrow down your choices so that you find the perfect balls. Take every point seriously and make sure you have an ideal bowl ball for you to enjoy excellent games whenever you play.

1. Weight of the Urethane Bowl Ball

The importance of the bowling ball is significant because it determines how efficient and convenient you will be able to play. If the ball is too small, you will not be able to swing it correctly because you be using excessive force. A perfect bowl ball means to be 10% of your whole weight. However, this means you will be able to swing it correctly without feeling an extreme burden on your arms.

2. The Grip.

The grip of the bowling ball customarily determine by the type of cover stock used in creating the bowling ball. As many people go for reactive resin cover stock because of its sufficient grip, the Urethane bowl balls remain one of the best materials. Grip abalone usually indicate on the descriptions, so it is essential always to make sure you check at the specifications.

3. The Hook Potential of the Ball

Hook potential is the ability of the bowling ball to bend sideways when you throw it on the lanes. Two things that determine the hook potential are the flare potential and the gyration rating. The perfect is a 6-inch flare potential rating for you to enjoy an ideal hook potential.

You also need to know something more that is, you should know about the bowling ball’s hooks factor in detail. Bowling ball have two significant parts. The bowling ball choose for play well is dependent on its cover stock and weight block. The ball’s weight block choice also depends on its hooks. Therefore, the hooks for game well with your comfort. The ball hooks give the players a better angle in playing time.

Prime hooks are essential for any bowling ballplayers. We have another suggested product list of top hooks ball. You can check the list following Best Hooking Bowling Ball.

The last factor is the cover stock or the out cover of the bowling ball. There are polyester covers, urethane covers, and resin covers.

You guys will find so many of bowling balls in the market places. But you should choose and find the best one for you.

So, there we have picked 7 best bowling ball.

We hope you will find a great bowling ball from the list. Have a look.

1. Storm Pitch Black- Overall Best Urethane Bowling Ball

The Storm Pitch Black. Made with a Urethane cover stock, controlling is pretty much more comfortable than any other ball. However, It secures with a perfect grit, 100 in value, to make it excellent and outstanding always.

Its capacitor core is complete making it so accurate because it follows the force where it direct. For wood lanes and short oil patterns, this is the best ball you can ever have for your modern games.

Its capacitor core is complete making it so accurate because it follows the force where it direct. For wood lanes and short oil patterns, this is the best ball you can ever have for your modern games.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this is a perfect bowling ball that will not disappoint you at all. What makes it one of the most treasured bawl balls is its predictability, and you can enjoy excellent outcomes.

Its surface is scratch-resistant, meaning even if you play for a long time, it will remain intact and perfect. Worry not because even on oily surfaces, the bowl will correctly maneuver itself and enable you to score the shots perfectly.

If you need customized drilling for the holes, you can have the bowl drilled for you. Microscopically, the weight generally well distribute, so it becomes easy for you to play, knowing no imbalances will occur.


  1. Excellent in color and texture,
  2. Uniform material distributed for exceptional outcomes,
  3. Optimum weight for both beginners and experienced,
  4. Subtle looking tint for the game to have a unique style,
  5. You can have it customized.


  1. There are no guidelines on how to get used to it,
  2. The color may not be useful to some people.

2. Hammer Purple Pearl Bowling Ball.

Hammer Purple Pearl Bowling Ball

The Hammer Purple Pearl Bowling Ball. With a circle mark and a stitched like printing on its surface, Purple Pearl is one of the most convenient bawl balls. The Urethane cover stock is known to be of sufficient and uniform density, making it so accurate when thrown.

Its surface is not sticky so that you can play even on oily substances. You can choose from different forms of Abralon, ranging from 500, 1000, and 2000. Therefore, this means you can select the best kind of bawling ball that fits your playing standards. It is a very symmetrical bawl ball made from microscopic uniformity that makes even the play to be perfect and accurate.

To make the ball more convenient, you can have the two holes drilled to fit your fingers well. You will have an excellent kind of game due to its practical predictability. Very easy to clean because its surface does not stick to oily substances.


  1. Choose from a different kind of abalone of the ball,
  2. You can play on wooden and oily surfaces,
  3. Very easy to maintain and clean because of its slippery surface,
  4. It makes with uniform cover stock for maximum predictability,
  5. You can have it customized.


  1. There are no choosing guidelines included,
  2. The color is not right.

3. MICHELIN Storm Mix Blue

Made from 1US Urethane, this is a quality, and precise bawl ball for all your games. The structure is well-formed and distributed, making it have a predictable play at all times. It comes with a traditional three core piece that gives the ball enough strength to move from the point of the throw to the required destination.

It’s round, and attractive sky-like feature make many people adore it. With its optimum weight of 15 pounds, it is suitable for both beginners and pros. The two holes where players put their fingers well drill to ensure your fingers fit well for a perfect play. However, that makes it with a smooth surface, and it is ideal to use on both wooden and oily surfaces.

The aim is to give you a precise play, one that will enable you to have an excellent score in every play that you make. It is straightforward to clean and maintain ball with one of the best durability to make it last longer.


  1. Play on both wooden and oily surfaces,
  2. Optimum weight,
  3. Perfect for both experienced and beginners,
  4. Excellent in color, so it’s always an ideal bawl ball for you.


  1. It needs a light lane to work well,
  2. It has a low reaction.

4. Storm Fever Pitch 14lbs

It looks like a rising sun, brown-reddish with a premium engraved marked on its surface. The two holes for inserting your fingers to play well make to offer an exceptional grip. You will be able to hold the ball and make an excellent, predictable throw that will give you wins.

With only 14lbs, you can correctly swing it, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. You need to make sure you get used to the grip. It is made with a grit abalone of 2000, which means you can play on both wooden and oily surfaces.

Some materials usually stick to oils and other dirt, making them inaccurate and not trustworthy in the game. To make sure you have an excellent play, make this bawl ball has a surface that doesn’t stick to oils. You can play on all surfaces without any problem.


  1. Excellent design and color,
  2. Uniform distributed cover stock for maximum predictability,
  3. Excellent weight for convenient control,
  4. Known for its long durability,
  5. You can easily clean it and doesn’t tear its surfaces easily.


  1. Might be too light for the experienced,
  2. The mark is also engraved so that it may inconvenience players.

5. Roto-Grip Bowling Ball.

In the Roto Grip Bowling Ball has an explosion potential to take down all the obstacles on its lane, making it enable players to win every game. The mark on its surface is a true reflection of quality and style. In its inner core, it makes with a stability control feature that when it throws, it remains balanced and goes to where the player directs it.

To make sure you have an excellent play, you need to make sure the finger insertion point is made specifically for your fingers. You can also choose your appropriate weight to make sure you play without any inconvenience.

It looks asymmetrical by shape, but it remains symmetrical on its motion making it be a perfect ball for every game. With a radioactive urethane, it remains beautiful and accurate in every game. You can play on all kinds of lanes because the ball is very compatible.


  1. Made from only Urethane, no other material,
  2. Very predictable due to its radioactive material,
  3. Unusual in appearance and aesthetics making the game to be attractive,
  4. The ball is durable and does not fade quickly,
  5. You can choose any size you want.


  1. There are no different sizes,
  2. The color is not a perfect one for all people.

6. Hammer Black Widow Black.

This ball comes undrilled to enable you to drill the best holes that fit your fingers. The hammer ball has a uniform cover stock that allows the ball to roll and go exactly where it has direct. You will always enjoy excellent gameplay because it is uniform and has a symmetrical matter.

It has an annular inner core that can direct the ball on the appropriate lane that you have led it to go. With a beautiful surface that means to make the ball conducive for wood and oily surfaces. Made with microscopic symmetry, you will enjoy the best predictability in your game.

Every bawl ball is well crafted to make players feel the convenience and comfort when playing. All you need to do is to make sure you have enough experience to swing the bawl ball as required so as you hit the lanes within the required range.


  1. Excellent mark and writings on its surface,
  2. Very symmetrical for maximum predictability,
  3. You can make customized drilling,
  4. The ball is durable because of the top profile materials used,
  5. Very optimum weight for both beginners and experienced.


  1. Not colorful enough,
  2. There are no buying guidelines to choose the best ball.

7. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

With 3D graphics on its surface, it is a magnificent ball that you can truly feel proud to have. Its cover stock is of Urethane, so the ball is of superior quality and highly predictable. You can play on both oil and wooden conditions. It doesn’t absorb any oil, so it is always easy to clean.

The 3-piece inner core will mean to increase the predictability of the ball so that you hit your targets quickly. You can choose from the black-white scheme or the white color scheme, all depending on your choice. There are bowl balls for both experts and beginners, so make sure you check the weight.


  1. 3-piece inner core for predictability,
  2. Highly durable because it is made from Urethane only,
  3. Doesn’t absorb oil,
  4. High Hooking potential,
  5. You can choose your desired weight.


  1. The color is not that attractive,
  2. Weight not generally mention in the description.

You must Consider

Consider all the above factors because one thing leads to another. You need to make sure you have the best ball if you have to enjoy swinging on the lanes. To make matters perfect, make sure you have an ideal bowl ball that will follow the direction you want on the paths.


1. How to clean a urethane bowling ball?

To make sure the bowling ball clean correctly, make sure you use an oil cleanser or lane cleaner. Start by wiping the ball on the lines and make sure you do two to three rounds of cleaning for maximum cleanliness. Cleaning a urethane ball using soap will not yield satisfactory results as one would expect.

However, when it comes to your bowling ball performance, you need to have a perfect ball. Moreover, we already have known it that the ideal ball can play well. But if the ball gets dirty and oily, the ball can’t play well. To avoid this situation, we suggest cleaning your ball with Best Bowling Ball Cleaner. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that your ball is clean and ready to play!

2. How to drill a urethane bowling ball?

Star by clumping the bowling ball on space so that it becomes well-fixed. Mark the ball where you have to drill the ball. Select your bits and start by inserting the first bit. Now you can switch the bits and insert your fingers. Always begin by drilling your thumb holes then followed by finger holes. Lastly, sand your holes.

We have a detailed article that you may find intersting about the cost of drill a bowling ball.

3. How to increase hook on a urethane bowling ball?

The hook is the ability of your ball to bend on the lane and get the place where you direct it. First, make sure you resurface it if the cover seems to be somehow altered. You also need to make sure you have a perfect alignment of your ball. You can as well readjust the release parameters so that you make it more appealing and responsive to your throws.

4. What is the benefit of a urethane bowling ball for spare?

Urethane Bawling ball is easy to control, and its surface is superfine not to alter your play. The urethane ball is even easier to clean and maintain, and you can play on all lanes, including oil and wooden lanes. Urethane is perfect on the game side, durability, and even maintenance.

5. What is the benefit of a urethane bowling ball for spare?

No, they don’t absorb or stick any oil. You play all the time without the ball, reducing inefficiency unless it is ruined by tremendous forces that alter its smooth surface. A ruined surface means an altered grip, and a modified grip means you don’t have much predictability of your ball.


The Best Urethane bowling ball is one of the most treasured types of bowling balls. Their quality, efficiency in the game, and their predictability in the game are more promising than any other ball made from different materials. We invite you to check our wellbowling articles.

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