How to Clean a Bowling Ball? All in One Guideline

Welcome to the detailed instructions of how to clean a bowling ball! Knowing how to properly clean your bowling ball is essential to maintaining its top performance and extending its lifespan, regardless of how experienced you are at the sport.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to effectively clean your bowling ball, make sure it rolls smoothly and consistently, and help you get better on the lanes.

As bowling balls are thrown down the lanes, they frequently pick up oil, dirt, and lane debris, which eventually affects how well they perform. A clean bowling ball is an important part of any bowler’s normal maintenance since it improves traction, hook potential, and accuracy.

Trust me, hundreds of complaints are being added all day long that makes people irritate when they’re on the gaming mood. It happens due to a simple bowling ball that behaves recklessly after 20-30 shots of the game. In case, two problems arise to lack the ball’s performance!

Two Reason of Lack Bowling Ball Performance

Firstly, a bowling ball is designed with heavy oil materials so that it soaks oil from the sources wherever it is adjustable. So, it gets heavy rolled to throw and mistakes the right path of the line.

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Secondly, when it has been throwing to the dust for many times, it becomes hard to roll. But, it happens after a young play of time that around 30 rounds on average. So, for smooth performance, it is necessary to clean the ball at the right time!

It is excellent to consult services that make the ball clean and rolling over the line. But do you like to save some money and have a try to clean it at home?

Yay, let’s see the terms to clean the bowling ball:-

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The Things You Will Need

There we go for an easy solution that makes your shot looks catchy within 40 minutes. Here you need the following elements for sure:

1) Hot Water within 140 degrees Fahrenheit,

2) Hard Tape that doesn’t soak Water at all,

3) A medium sized bucket,

4) Try an alcoholic cleaner that removes oily skin and dirt,

5) Microfiber towel,

7) Smooth dryer.

Here are some highly-rated cleaning materials for bowling balls available on Amazon:

  1. Bowling Ball Cleaner:
    • MOTIV Power Gel Clean: This bowling ball cleaner is specially formulated to remove lane oil and dirt from the ball’s surface. It is designed to be safe for all coverstock types and provides excellent cleaning performance. Link to the product
  2. Microfiber Towels:
    • Brunswick Microfiber EZ Grip Towel: These lint-free microfiber towels are perfect for wiping down the ball during and after the cleaning process. They are highly absorbent and won’t scratch or damage the ball’s surface.
  3. Soft-Bristled Brush :
    • Creating the Difference TruCut Hand Applied Bowling Ball Sanding Pads: This set includes a variety of soft-bristled brushes that are perfect for reaching into the ball’s pores and coverstock. They are designed to be gentle on the ball’s surface while effectively removing grime. Link to the product

How To Clean a Bowling Ball- The Process in Details

We will describe the full cleaning process in the six steps. Let’s move

Step 1
At first, take the ball and make your trip to the hole to spray cleaner around the whole ball. Make sure; your spray contains enough alcohol that helps the ball remove all the obstacles of dusts and oil. Sometimes if you don’t have such an alcoholic cleaner, try out a dish cleaner to make it happen.

Step 2
Okay, rub the cleaner around the ball and make sure no itch stay around there. Now if the ball claims no more specks of dust then take the hard tape to lock the whole very firmly. So, Water can’t go inside the holes. It is mandatory to use waterproof and hard tape that lock the holes and leave no Nano gap.

Step 3
Now, drive the ball inside the warm water and keep it rolling for 10 minutes. It helps your bowling ball to soak the oils out of it. Even if any dirt has inside the cells gets out quickly on this process.

Step 4
Take out the bowl from the bucket with the microfiber towel and wash all around it. As well as remove the tap from the holes and shake the ball if Water doesn’t flow inside.

Step 5
If you are having any dryer, use it to make the ball soft skinned. Leave the ball to get dried for 10 minutes.

Step 6
Let the bowling ball feel comfortable and look shiny by spraying cleaner over the ball again. Then, simply enroll the towel and feel the screen of the ball!

Here a video with the process how to clean a bowling ball from home. Easy way.


In this article, we have covered all the necessary procedures and methods for cleaning a bowling ball. Now you know how to clean a bowling ball, Maintaining optimal performance and making sure your bowling ball serves you well on the lanes require regular cleaning.

You may improve your bowling ball’s hook potential, traction, and overall efficacy by routinely cleaning it to get rid of accumulated oil, dirt, and alley debris. You can extend the life of your ball and enhance your game by using the proper cleaning techniques, regardless of whether you own a reactive resin, urethane, or plastic ball.

Keep in mind that how often you should clean your bowling ball will depend on your playing style, the state of the lanes, and the ball’s general condition. It’s critical to routinely check your ball and modify your cleaning procedures as necessary.

What’s going on? Hope it makes you happy to see the moist and non-oily screen of the bowl. Also Go next to manage more thirty round games with confidence. If if have any doubt on the topic how to clean a bowling ball, ask specific question. We will response shortly!

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