9 Best Bowling Balls for Hooks

Bowling is a popular game, and there are different types of bowling bowl. In this article, we will provide the list of 10 Best Bowling Balls for Hooks. Before submitting the listing, some necessary information about bowling ball hooks.

Generally, there are two significant parts of a bowling ball; one is cover stock and other is the weight block. The ball is hard and spherical. Few bowling balls have a hole for hold it with two fingers & thumb and few bowl ten pin bowling.

For keep it in your hand entirely, there are hooks for rolls the balls in a curving pattern. Most importantly, the hooks give the players a better angle. If a player can use the hook correctly, the ball will hit the pins with more force. That’s why; a ball with hooks in a bowling ball game is very popular.

Let’s get start with our great list of 9 best bowling balls for hooks:

1. Pyramid Path, Pearl Bowling Ball for Hook

The Pyramid Path rising ball is accessible at all type of player. If you are a fresher in the bowling ball game, you can start with it. Furthermore, if you are a professional in this game, you can perform well with this ball. Its core, cover stock, making raw materials, etc. everything has the right combination. It is made by using pyramid technology, and technology is the culmination of lots of research and observation.

Is a perfect ball for all type of bowler like two-handed bowlers, striker, etc.

Product Features

The ball has a wide variety of drilling options. It will allow you to hook the ball hard. The core and cover stock have the right combination. Era 139 core and reactive pearl cover stock jointly will help to control the ball quickly. It will no matter whatever you are experienced or fresher. The cover stock offers an angular reaction.

2. Green Envy Bowling Ball by Brunswick

Green Envy bowling ball is best suitable for kids. It is also popular among beginner player. It comes in few standard colors. Its high gloss polish hooks is effective to become a pro bowler. Whenever you are new in this game, getting a ball that fits properly is awesome. It will reduce your stress and make you happy. That’s why we keep it in our consideration and we suggest it to our visitors especially whose are new in this game.

Product Features:

As a beginner bowler, controlling the hook is not so easy. That’s why you may like a ball with low potential hook. Its cover stock is made with plastic and polyester. The finishing is awesome, high gloss polish. The hook potentiality is 25 what is comparable low in the scale of 10-175. That’s why it’s best bowling balls for hooks in beginning level.

3. Motiv Forge High Quality Bowling Ball

Motiv Forge has huge hook potential and one of the most robust symmetrical bowling ball. You can drill it correctly. It is a perfect ball for both rights handed and left handed bowler.

The Motiv Forge is ideal in the medium-heavy oily conditions. In that condition, it displays a smooth motion. You will feel outstanding power in this condition. Its detonator core has a low RG. The low RG and high differential help to generate revs quickly with a lot of flares.

Product Features

The ball dimension is 8 X8 X 8, and its weight is 16.8 pounds. It is produced using high-quality materials. The outer core material helps to grab massive pic hitting power. The material is known as reverb. Its Detonator core has low RG. Cover stock material called coercion HFS. Its cover stock is stained with a 3000 Grit LSS pad; it helps to assist in this motion.

4. DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

DV8 has aggressive hook what a pro bowler anticipate. It is designed smartly. The bigger hook helps the ball to read the lane earlier. The ball is ideally suited for medium to heavy oil. It has the most dynamic motion, and it is due to the fiction. The friction created by composite fang solid cover. The DV8 ball comes in undrilled condition.

It is super controllable, and I think it is the main feature of this bowling ball.

Product Feature

The ball has a low RG core. Its shipping weight is 15.9 pound. The cover stock of this bowling ball has composite fang. Moreover, the ball is finished with 1500 Grit siaair micro pad. Its outlook is also attractive. Altogether, it is an excellent ball for all type of bowler.

5. Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball

The Brunswick Quantum Bias ball is one of the most popular balls in recent time. It is upgraded and a different ball in many perspectives. The first thing you will notice its color. The white cover stock made its outlook awesome. It is thicker than many other cover stocks too. That’s why it is durable, and it will help to achieve massive hitting power.

Its white pigment is not modified its outlook; it also helps to perform better with it.

Product Features

It is the first asymmetric cored bowling ball in the quantum line-up. Its ECA-XR shell with High RG core will bring a high potential in hook, and incredible pic carries. It is actually designed for heavy oil. But due to the drilling layout, the shape can be affected dramatically.

The ball weight is 15.8 pounds.

6. Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue

This is a premium bowling ball known to contain the best Hammer’s proven Gas Mask Core. Its cover stock is made from polyester, and this gives the player more hook and more motion. You can choose the weight you want from 12 pounds to 16 pounds. It is made with materials and tech features to offer maximum precision. It is approved with 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse factory.

Besides being precise, it is created with a top-quality material that can make it last longer than you anticipate. It goes directly where you throw it, which means you will enjoy excellent outcomes at all times.


It is of standard weight at 13lbs, but you can select what weight you want

Durable ball

Has a proven Gas Mask core for stability in movement
Provides sufficient grip without hurting you
You can choose any color you wish to


May look somehow extremely colored
for kids because 13lbs is a lot

7. Brunswick Deep Space

The space graphics makes the ball look like the earth’s hemisphere, which makes it more unique to play with. With over ten colors to choose from, you can have your space imitation in the way you like it. It is made with a moderate weight to enable even kids to play and enjoy the game. Being one of the cheapest yet top-quality balls, you can buy extra for spare. In the event, one gets damaged or lost, or if you if an extra one, you can pick.

It is made with a High Gloss Polish Hook Potential giving it a sparkling clean look to make you enjoy every moment. You can play on any lane condition, and you will enjoy the stunning performance. Made with a polyester cover stock, it is known to have the best precision on the lanes.


  • You can choose from many colors available
  • Lightweight to make it perfect for kids
  • Properly engineered for precision
  • Excellent in the making to last longer than anticipated
  • Can Be Used Even By Kids


Not everyone likes the space theme
Not for the pros who need a more advanced ball

8. Pyramid Curse Designed Bowling Ball

The Equinox symmetrical core ensures that the ball moves in the required pattern. Once you aim, it will be the direction you want, making you very precise in what you do. It has an ATX cover stock that works to make sure the ball moves in the direction the player wants. Whether you want round or straight, the ball will perfectly move on the direction that you want it to move. With very high tenacities, they can pass through mid-lanes without missing. Besides just bowling, it can also be used in loft and hook games.

With a tech feature, it is able to read the lane and find the pocket. This feature allows the player always to score big. The design is superb with a nice printed pyramid on it, so you don’t have to get bored.


It can read the lanes and find a pocket
Very nice designed for easy playing
ATX cover stock for perfect movements
Choose the weight that you want
It’s good for both beginners and pros alike


The ball colors may not be pleasant to all
The features it has is meant for professionals

9. MOTIV Jackal Ghost Premium Bowling Ball

Made specifically for perfect hook and motion continuation. Paranormal performance that has never been seen before and you can enjoy excellent outcomes. It is made using Predator V2 weight block core, giving it complete strength to ensure you enjoy excellent outcomes.

The heavy oil performance makes it good for both pros and beginners. The cover stock is designed with the chemistry of High Friction Solid, giving it an extreme performance to make the player enjoy excellent outcomes. For those who want low rev rate or higher ball speeds, this is a perfect ball for them.

It is durable and modern for more preciseness when playing the game. Comes with a High Radius of Gyration so you will enjoy excellent outcomes at all times. More hook without sacrificing the continuation so you will always enjoy excellent results. This is one of my prefered balls, and one of the best bowling balls for hooks.

Modern bowling ball to make you enjoy excellent outcomes
More hook without altering continuation
Solid friction to withstand heavy oil surfaces
Durable and efficient
Perfect design and color

May not be nice to beginners
The color is not good for all people


In the thrilling world of bowling, the quest for the best bowling ball for hooks can be a game-changer. Throughout this article, we’ve explored a selection of top-notch bowling balls specifically designed to deliver that coveted hook motion and enhance your overall performance on the lanes.

From the Pyramid Path, Pearl Bowling Ball, a versatile option suitable for all levels of bowlers, to the precision-driven Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball, the list showcases an array of choices tailored to meet the needs of different players. Each bowling ball presented here exhibits unique features, cover stocks, and core designs that cater to diverse lane conditions and player preferences.

Moreover, we highlighted the benefits of investing in quality bowling balls with exceptional hook potential. Mastering the art of hooking the ball effectively provides bowlers with a better angle of attack and greater hitting power, allowing for more forceful pin impact and improved pin carry. Thats a fact of these gresat best bowling balls for hooks.

While some balls like the Motiv Forge excel in medium-heavy oily conditions, others like the Green Envy Bowling Ball by Brunswick cater to beginners with lower hook potential, ensuring a smoother learning curve for those starting their bowling journey.

The beauty of bowling lies in its diversity, and the same applies to the assortment of bowling balls available. Each ball showcased in this list comes with its unique set of attributes and advantages, making it essential for bowlers to identify the ball that aligns best with their playing style and lane conditions.

As we conclude this exploration of the 9 best bowling balls for hooks, we invite you to delve into the wealth of possibilities presented here. Whether you’re seeking precision, power, or finesse in your game, there’s a bowling ball that fits your needs like a tailor-made glove.

Remember, investing in the right bowling ball can truly be a game-changer, propelling you towards new levels of excellence and enjoyment in this beloved sport. As you explore the vast world of bowling balls, we wish you thrilling strikes, satisfying spares, and countless moments of bowling glory!

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