What is No Tap Bowling? Well Bowling Guide

Bowling game has several processes of playing. No tap bowling is one of the favorite terms in this game. If you are familiar with a bowling game, you may hear or play Nine Pin No Tap Bowling. Here in this article, we will describe about no tap bowling. It’s actually a rule of this game. Let’s explain in details.

What is no tap bowling?

No tap is a term in “nine pins no tap” bowling ball games. Simply no tap bowling means, you don’t need to hit down all ten pins at once to score a strike. Generally, no-tap value means who many pins you have to knock down to strike is assigned to them before starting the game.

What Is “9-Pin No-Tap” Bowling?

Nine pins no tap means, the bowler have to knock down nine balls to score a strike. You don’t need to knock down 10 balls. It is the basic rules of “9-Pin No-Tap” Bowling.

More Details about Nine Pin Bowling

Bowling ball game has several rules. Nine pin games are very similar to ten pin games, what we generally know the bowling ball is. It was started primarily in Europe. Now it’s well-known and popular in many more countries.

In 10 pin games, the pins are placed in the triangle shape. On the other side, in nine-pin games, balls are assembled into a diamond shape. These pins are also bigger than ten pins ball. Ten pinballs have three holes.

Nine pinballs are generally made of polyurethane or reactive polyurethane with an eccentric core. The core ensures that the ball will not go directly on the alley during its movement.

Ninepin bowling, also called 9-pins, kegel, nine-pins, etc.

Nine Pin Bowling Game Basic Rules

Nine pin bowling was a popular game in the US. It was banned in several cities in the 1930s. That is another history. Some workers were taking time off to play. That’s why it was forbidden.

But in the meantime, ten-pin bowling popularity grew up, and it is now famous. Notwithstanding it is now widespread in Europe. It is also a convention in few cities as Texas in the USA.

If a bowler hit nine or ten balls in the first ball, it is a strike. Except for this rule, other rules are the same as regular bowling ball games.

  1. Formation: Nine pins are played in the diamond formation,
  2. Each player has two turns. In these terms, every bowler will have three balls each time. After each ball, skittles need to be set up.

The gaming process is pretty similar. Bowlers deliver their balls and total score of their first three balls count and marked on the board. In the second turn, the score for each turn is added together with each player’s final score.

Final Word.

We hope you get a clear concept about the No-Tap Bowling Strategy. If you have to know any terms in more details, you can ask us. We will try to help you to become an expert in a bowling game.

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