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When it comes to bowling balls, it is important to ensure you have the perfect ball to perform a energetic performance. People consider only the structure of the bowling ball. Other factors include the design and material used to make the ball unique and perfect. But something special you must consider is to get a bowl cleanner, and this is this article about, to show your the best bowling ball cleaner to consider everyday.

Have you ever thought of what you would use if your bowling ball gets dirty? Will you be comfortable to play a bowling game using a dirty bowling ball? No! So cleaning your bowling ball is always the best thing. In this review, you will know about the Best Bowling Ball Cleaner you can use to clean your ball.

Cleaning bowling ball is not only good for ball cleanliness but also for purposes of making it last longer. You will able to eliminate all discolorations, sticky materials, and another kind of dirtiness that could impair your bowling ball efficiency. Always make sure that you have an excellent detergent ,and you can select from the ones below.

1. Pyramid Monster Bowling Ball Cleaner

Pyramid Monster Cleaner

The Pyramid Monster Bowling Ball Cleaner is a top-rated cleaner that works to eliminate debris and dirty patches on your bowling ball. It functions to keep the contents of your bowling ball clean and efficient. It cleans all stubborn debris ensuring only the top layer of the bowling ball is available. Don’t stress yourself too much, and it is made ready for use.

You don’t need to dilute or put any other detergent, this detergent works on its own, and it doesn’t leave any streak of dirtiness on the ball. This means you will have precise throws where every time you play, the motion is not altered at any time.

You end up scoring big simply because your bowl ball is clean. It comes with its applicator pad so you can be sure to clean every surface of your ball perfectly. Unlike other detergents, this cleaner doesn’t get absorbed in the ball, so you are sure the ball structural integrity won’t be affected in any manner.

You get four components of the cleaner that all work to ensure your ball is super clean. They include foam, jell, and shine. Maximum cleaning occurs, leaving your ball super clean and adorable to use to play your games.


  1. Ready to use, no need for any preparation,
  2. Cleans even stubborn debris,
  3. Cleanliness lasts longer,
  4. Sold in sufficient quantity for long term use,
  5. you can improve ball accurateness on lines.


  1. 4 components are a lot to mix as a new cleaner,
  2. Comes in only one scent.

2. Storm Bowling Products Reacta Shine

Tackiness is something many bowl ball owners want to achieve. It is not only professional to play with a clean bowl ball, but it also increases performance. Storm bowling products clean all balls and even the play lines where people play. It is a multipurpose cleaner with both cleaning and polishing capabilities, so you don’t need to buy any other products.

As a user, React shine is safe because it only cleans, no bleaching, no alteration of any kind, you clean your products. It is a unique detergent meant to restore and revive surface tackiness shine and performance of the ball.

Made with some of the industry’s best chemicals, it softens debris, washes out all the stubborn, and keeps your ball super clean. A single cleaning is sufficient enough to leave your ball super clean at all times. Remember, dirtiness compromises the motion of the bowling ball, so as you through a dirty ball, you will notice some alteration of the motion contrary to what you expect.


  1. It is effective even on a single wash,
  2. Doesn’t compromise the ball structure,
  3. You don’t need any other material to clean the bowling ball,
  4. It is safe for the environment,
  5. keep mind do not fade the colors of the ball.


  1. No pad for applying the cleaner,
  2. There is no user manual.

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3. Tac Up Bowling Ball Cleaner- 8 Ounce

This cleaner is specifically made to reinforce the tac and make your ball look super fine. If you would like your ball to be flawless and spotless, you should try this detergent. It works alone, you need to swipe once or twice depending on the dirtiness of the bowling ball, and you will be ready to play without any compromise.

It eliminates the stains, debris, and altered surface thereby making your ball clean and efficient. You will not need always to wash away the debris to ensure it plays well, and this detergent is the best one for you.

It is known to be safe and does not bleach the bowling ball even when used for longer than anticipated. Many people who use it experience bowling preciseness. The ingredients are safe and effective, and you can use it to clean even the bowling lanes. To get the best results, smear the detergent on the ball and wait for at least 5 minutes. The time it attaches to the ball is what makes any dirt on it to be eliminated away leaving your ball super clean at all times.


  1. It cleans thoroughly without any other detergent,
  2. The detergent is always safe,
  3. You don’t need to use force when cleaning the bowling ball,
  4. It is a perfect cleaner for even the lanes where people play,
  5. You need to always make the best kind of materials.


  1. You need to buy an applicator to use to apply the detergent,
  2. There is no user manual on how you should use it and how many times.

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4. That Purple Stuff Bowling Ball Cleaner.

It is one of the best cleaners approved by USBC. You apply it on your ball, wait for some minutes, and you will be able to wipe your ball clean. It degrades all debris leaving your ball super clean so you can perfectly clean every dirt on your ball. Since it is designed for bowl balls, it does not impair the physical traits of the ball.

You will be able to throw the ball with maximum preciseness at all times. You can use as many times you want, and it will not bleach the colors. It only cleans the outer part of the ball. It is an 8 oz bottle, so you can use it many times before it starts to exhaust.

The cleaner comes with a CtD Power Pad for easy cleaning of the dirty on the ball surface. Designed to attain maximum cleanliness, you will see an improvement on your ball preciseness so you will score big always. It is safe, reliable and more advanced with the latest chemical composition in use.


  1. Cleans perfectly without bleaching,
  2. Comes with its applicator,
  3. You don’t need any other supplement to make it work well,
  4. It’s in large volume for many times of use,
  5. The cleaner doesn’t penetrate the ball.


  1. Not indicated how many times one should use it,
  2. You need to apply regularly for maximum cleanliness to be attained.

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5. MOTIV Power Gel Clean

The MOTIV Power Gel Clean its a great cleaner that we recommend. Approved by USBC, it is one of the most reliable balls you can ever have for your bowl ball cleaning needs. It comes with the best kinds of ingredients that work to eliminate all debris and dirt, leaving your ball perfectly clean. As a specialized cleaner, it doesn’t impair the ball components because it doesn’t penetrate the ball at all.

It eliminates all marks, dirt, lane oil, and grime so you can be sure of excellent cleanliness on your bowl ball. Once you apply it, you need a single wipe, and you will be ready to use your ball.

With maximum safety standards, it doesn’t corrode or do anything on the contrary from cleaning. You will see your bally shinning and being perfect when playing. Once in a while, you should clean it because it restores tackiness and ball accurateness. The sticky substances, debris, and other unrequited materials will be eliminate. It will be hard for you to make mistakes, thereby improving your performance day in and day out


  1. It is safe, doesn’t corrode or bleach the bowling ball,
  2. You don’t need to use force to clean the ball,
  3. Cleanliness lasts longer, so you don’t need to always clean,
  4. Easy to use cleaner, a single swipe is sufficient to eliminate all debris,
  5. Very environmentally friendly.


  1. There is no specified procedure on how to use it,
  2. Comes in only one scent which may not be pleasant to some people.

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6. Bowlingballfactory.Com Ultra Tac Remove

The bowlingballfactory ultra tac Remove. Cleaning your bowling ball should not be hard if you have this top of the range cleaner. It is a tac remover that when left on the ball, it can absorb all dirt and leave your ball super clean made from safe materials that do not bleach or degrade the ball. It is a reliable form of a cleaner that you can always trust.

To clean the ball perfectly, first make sure that you smear the cleaner on the ball and leave it for several seconds so that it dissolves all the dirt before you swipe it off the ball.

It polishes, resurfaces, and makes the stains to vanish, making your ball to be super wonderful at all times. Ball accurateness is normally well-handled so that you can be sure of great performance. If your bowl ball has belt lines, you can be sure that they would all be eliminated and leave your ball perfectly clean.

There is an applicator that you use, so you won’t struggle that much to clean your ball. It is simple to use, and you can always enjoy excellent results at your lanes.


  1. Easy to use because it just requires a single wipe and you are done,
  2. No need to mix with other detergents, it works perfectly on itself,
  3. The cleaner is safe, doesn’t bleach any material whatsoever,
  4. You don’t need to use force, it polishes balls automatically,
  5. you can eliminate even the most stubborn debris.


  1. Doesn’t have any formula of application,
  2. No one knows the amount to apply on the bowling ball.

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7. Storm Bowling Products Reacta.

It is one of the long-trusted bowl cleaners that have been in use for over a decade. It is a multipurpose cleaner that does all work by itself, so you don’t need to buy multiple cleaners. You are advised to apply some minutes before wiping to give the cleaner an ample time to degrade all dirt and ensure it is perfectly clean. If you would like to enjoy excellent outcomes, make sure you frequently clean before the dirt on your bowl ball accumulates.

The Cleaner doesn’t penetrate the bowl, so it makes it clean and super wonderful at all times. Heavy debris, sticky substances, and other stubborn materials can perfectly be cleaned and removed thereby leaving your bowl ball clean and attractive at all times. Clean your ball, make it attractive and also increase the accurateness of your results.


  1. It is a multipurpose cleaner, no need to buy other detergents,
  2. You don’t use a lot of force to clean, and it cleans easily,
  3. Every long-lasting result to make you enjoy accurate play for long,
  4. Safe to the ball and environment,
  5. No need to mix or dilute.


  1. Not specified what kind of balls it cleans,
  2. Does not have a nice scent so it may annoy some people.

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Bowling Ball Cleaner Buying Guide.

Bowling balls look like something insignificant at first, but as you notice some in accurateness in your bowling, you will need one. Most people don’t know which one to go for because people are not aware that bowl balls need cleaning.

On this guide, you will learn about how you can select the best bowl cleaner so that you keep your ball perfectly clean. As you buy your cleaner, keep in mind that some are meant for multipurpose cleaning and may not be perfect for ball cleaning. Below are some of the important points to consider when selecting the best bowl cleaner.

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1. The extent of Cleaning of the Detergent

Bowl ball cleaners are designed to clean up to a certain level. Most of the basic ones are not capable of removing dirt oil residues, and they only clean dust. If you can get a cleaner that removes oil sticky substances, you will be doing a huge favor to yourself because the ball would be cleaned well.

Consider if the cleaner can remove lane oil because not all have that capability. A cleaner that eliminates dust, oily sticky substances and belt marks is always the perfect one for you. It is because it will remove all dirt on its own.

2. Is It a Multipurpose Cleaner?

Some cleaners don’t clean everything. You may find a cleaner that removes only dust but not oily sticky substances. Such cleaners cannot be used alone, so you will have to buy different cleaners for you to be able to attain maximum cleanliness.

The multipurpose cleaner is always the best option for you because you will not incur any extra costs trying to buy different cleaning materials.

3. Easy of Use

You need a cleaner that you can easily use. For example, a cleaner that has to be mixed with dilatants is always hard to use because you don’t make sure it is in the right concentrations. You may spend several minutes preparing the solution.

Always select a cleaner that has been approved by the USBC because it means it doesn’t corrode the ball or bleach it.


What is the best bowling ball cleaner?

The best ball cleaner is simply the one doesn’t bleach or make any marks on your ball. You will be able to apply it, and after some time, all debris is completely degrad, so you simply need to wipe off.

Choose the one that eliminates dust, oil residues and other kinds of stubborn dirt that compromises the efficiency of your bowling.

What is the best cleaner to use for my storm bowling ball?

Always get a tack remover that will move up to the cover stock and eliminate all kinds of debris. Some people use water and alcohol swabs to ensure they eliminate all dirt from the ball. No matter how hard you try to eliminate the dirt, oil, and sticky substances will always affect your ball. Always keep on cleaning even if you get the best cleaner for your ball.

What is the best bowling ball cleaner for a reactive resin?

Reactive balls are always not cleaned using the normal cleaners a person would use. You need to make sure you get a perfect cleaner like the Storm Reacta Shine Reactive Polish & Cleaner. It polishes and cleans all debris leaving your ball super clean for play. Alternatively, you can mix Green, Rubbing Alcohol and water, then put in a spray bottle and spray all on your ball. It becomes clear within seconds.

How often should I polish my bowling ball?

It is always recommended you polish your ball after every 30 games. That is the duration when it is assumed the ball is dirty and requires to be cleaned for accurateness. Resurfacing should be done after every 60 games to restore the normal physical traits of the ball. If you don’t play frequently, polish your ball three times a year to keep it in excellent condition.

Will acetone damage a bowling ball?

Acetone doesn’t eat away from the top cover of the bowling ball. It is, therefore, safe and effective so it can be used. The only problem is that most countries don’t allow the use of acetone, so you will need to check with the authorities before you keep it in the stores. Acetone is known to eliminate even the most stubborn debris especially if your ball contains some oils and beltlines on it.

Final Words

Plenty of cleaning materials are available, but you need to take your time and read all the instructions before you use any. Not all of them are meant to be super powerful and relevant. At first make sure you have the one with the appropriate kind of ingredients

Some are for resurfacing, and others are for polishing, so you should choose the one with the best description that matches your needs. Also you must want to read our articles about bowling.

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